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Best Triple Door Refrigerator (Fridge) in India 2019

Summers in India can get quite warm. Yes, India has areas that can also reach temperatures as high as 45 to 46 degrees Celsius.

Under these conditions, anyone would love to have a glass of chilled water. At the same time, when you leave the food out in the open, the food can also be spoiled.

Looking for a fridge is the best solution.

You don't go to a supermarket and buy it off the shelf.You need to decide & plan on which kind of refrigerator will suit you the best !

In one of my articles on refrigerators, we saw the The types of the refrigerator available for you. In that particular article, I had spoken extensively about double-door refrigerators.

In this post, we will concentrate on best triple door refrigerator in India 2019

Why Should you buy Triple door refrigerator?

Triple door refrigerator is compactly designed; its storage capacity ranges from 240 liters to 350 liters (suitable for a 4 to 5-person family). One can save on storage with a triple door refrigerator as the refrigerator covers little floor space even when it is big. Triple door refrigerators have fruit and vegetable drawers that are not inside the refrigerator but are connected as a separate compartment to the refrigerator. Therefore, the refrigerator's inner part stays clean and the different compartments help you access the food items according to your needs. A Bottom Mount Freezer also comes with some triple door refrigerators. 

This easy layout will help you organize your stuff easily. You can move to the lower compartment less accessible food items so you don't have to reach and get them too often. We Indians have been observed to make more use of the fridge section than the freezer section, as a result of which triple-door refrigerators come as a blessing especially for the Indian people. Triple door refrigerators have an elegant design that certainly serves the purpose of the vast number of people with a great sense of aesthetics. A three-door refrigerator runs on frost free technology !

List of Best Triple door refrigerators:

1) Whirlpool triple door refrigerator

The 6th Sense Active Fresh feature makes it possible to keep the food fresh for a long time. How can this be done? There is direct contact with cold air between fruits and vegetables. This can suck out the food products ' moisture. The cool air flows around the compartment in this design and does not come into direct contact with food items. This can improve fruit and vegetables ' shelf life.

This is a smart refrigerator with the ability to control cold air circulation. It ensures that each compartment receives an adequate supply of cool air, thereby preserving the freshness of the food items contained in their different compartments.

If you are worried about the hygiene, this is an excellent product as it has micro-block compartments. Such micro blocks can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene.

The triple door advantage helps you to save considerable power by opening the appropriate door on your own. This facility helps you to avoid combining the various odors, while maintaining the original flavor of your food.

You've got the other usual features which includes tough glass shelves, ice twister, built-in stabilizer, RC lamp, and a separate vegetable cabinet.

Best Triple Door Refrigerator (Fridge) in India 2019

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2) Hitachi triple door refrigerator ( 336 ltr)

This is a 2017 rated 3-star BEE Rating refrigerator and one of the best Hitachi three-door refrigerators in the market.

The 3-way adjustable shelf gives you enormous leeway to store various types of food at one time.

The automatic ice maker is a great feature to fill in the tank and quickly get your ice cubes. You Don't need to mess around with the ice trays.

The spate bottle corner in the vegetable compartment can save you considerable space.As this unit is CFC and HFC-free, this is an environmentally friendly refrigerator.

The Eco Thermo Sensor ensures that your food and drinks are optimally cooled plus this fridge comes with frost free feature.

The feature of inverter control helps you with power saving.

The jumbo door pockets are capable of holding large soft drink bottles so that they can be quickly stacked for the guests.

The control panel for LEDs is user-friendly.

In the refrigerator, LED lights does not only save the power but also helps with seeing the things clearly.

Thanks to the superior Hitachi mould proofing technology, the mould proof door gasket is very easy to clean.

The Nano Titanium filter guarantees that your food stays free from bacterial attacks, making it a hygienic refrigerator.

Best Triple Door Refrigerator (Fridge) in India 2019

3) Whirlpool triple door refrigerator (260 ltr)

Amazon also sells this best three-door refrigerator in simple installments. This is one of the highlights of this product. Let's look at this fridge's main features.

This fridge is very similar to the one discussed in this article. Capacity is the only difference. Compared to the 240-liter size mentioned in Item No 1, this is a 260-liter refrigerator.

Expect great all-round cooling with the ActiveFresh Cooling Technology 6th sense.

This refrigerator does not require the cold air to come into contact with fruits and vegetables.There is no shortage of moisture. Therefore, for a longer time, they maintain their freshness.

Depending on the items stored, the Optimum Cooling Technology guarantees the right amount of cooling for each container. That can save you energy.

The compartments protected by the micro-block keep the bacteria out while ensuring that your food stays hygienic.

The three-door advantage is you don't need to manually open all the doors. Isn't that saving you power?

This fridge comes with normal features such as toughened glass shelves.

Best Triple Door Refrigerator (Fridge) in India 2019

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4) Whirlpool triple door refrigerator (300 ltr)

This triple door refrigerator has got great deals. Through Amazon, you can use the same. Let's bask in this refrigerator's features.

The refrigerator's size is 300 liters which is very comfortable. That's enough today for a typical Indian family. The main objective of this refrigerator is to keep the food fresh for a long time. To help with this process, the 6th Sense Active-fresh feature plays a major role.

The lack of direct interaction between cool air and fruits / vegetables avoids food dehydration. The technology is such that it eliminates corrosion, keeping the food Stock fresh for a longer period of time.

The refrigerator's technology is evident in the way the cool air circulates within the chambers. This ensures that each chamber is equipped with optimum cooling depending on the volume of items stored in it.

This is a safe refrigerator in the sense that the sealed compartments of the micro blocks do not allow bacteria to contaminate the food. The food & vegetables preserves its temperature and is therefore hygienic.

You're not going to open all three doors at once. This means enough power is saved. This refrigerator has all the other normal features that one can expect from a basic frost free refrigerators like an integrated stabilizer, toughened glass doors, etc. 

Best Triple Door Refrigerator (Fridge) in India 2019


We just went through a detailed best triple door refrigerator buying guide. A perusal of this genre's best refrigerators will allow you to make the right choice. If you have any questions about the best refrigerator of triple doors, post them in the comments section below and I will try to answer them.
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