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Best Stabilizer For Refrigerator in India 2019

Looking to buy best stabilizer for refrigerator? You are at the right place because during summer season there is increase in the frequency of voltage fluctuation as well as tripping which can put your electric appliances at a greater risk.

The only way you can avoid this risk is by installing voltage stabilizer.I have listed some of the best stabilizer for refrigerator in India which you can buy online very easily but before we get into it lets discuss some factors which you need to consider before buying a voltage stabilizer.

What Exactly is a voltage stabilizer?

As the name already suggests already suggests a voltage stabilizer is a device which is used to stabilize any voltage fluctuations.In other words its used to bring the voltage to the desired range during voltage fluctuations.

If the input voltage is high then required stabilizer does the job by decreasing the output voltage and similarly if the input voltage is low stabilizer does the job of increasing the voltage.

Electronic regulators are present into voltage stabilizers which makes the use of tap changers with auto transformers.

Thus Voltage stabilizers does the job of safeguarding mechanism between your utility and the equipment by constantly observing any voltage fluctuation and maintaining the voltage output in a desired range.

Does Your Refrigerator need a stabilizer?

Modern refrigerators are designed to handle large voltage fluctuations.They can handle the fluctuations between 110 v to 290 v as they make the use of SMPS. Before you buy a stabilizer for your refrigerator make sure that you check your refrigerators power specifications which will help you to make a right choice.

If the refrigerator's operating voltage range is large then you won't need a stabilizer for it but if its low you will need to buy one.

Modern refrigerators comes with in-built stabilizers but if you fridge is a old one you will need to buy a stabilizer.

You refrigerator can get damaged due to surges so make sure that either you buy stabilizer which comes with surge protection or buy surge protection when buying the stabilizer.

How To Select a Right Stabilizer For Your Refrigerator?

It really depends on the load you connect with a stabilizer so make sure that you note down the power consumption of your refrigerator that you want to connect with your stabilizer.

The power consumption of your refrigerator will give you an an idea about the load in stabilizer in watt.Stabilizers are measured in KVA ( kilo Vault Amperes) or VA (vault Amperes) where 1KVA = 1000 VA

You will have your power consumption loads in watts which you then need to convert in VA.Generally you can add 20% to the total watts value which will give you an idea about the VA stabilizer you will need.

So for example if you refrigerator's power consumption is around 1000 watts you will need a stabilizer which having capacity of around 1200 VA or 1.2 KVA.

Now That i have made sure that you don't find it difficult to right stabilizer for your fridge lets dive straight into the best stabilizer for refrigerator you can buy online.

1) Digital Display V-Guard stabilizer for refrigerators up to 200 ltr

Best Stabilizer For Refrigerator in India 2019

2) V-Guard Stabilizer for double door refrigerators with capacity around 300-600ltr

Best Stabilizer For Refrigerator in India 2019

3) Everest Stablizer For Refrigerators Upto 300 Ltr

This stabilizer comes with the features of time delay and auto start facility which will help you refrigerator from high and low fluctuations.

Comes with ABS body and is suitable for both single door and double door refrigerators.

Best Stabilizer For Refrigerator in India 2019

4) Everest ECC 100

Highlight of this stabilizer is its ultra sleek design which makes the use of the latest German technology.

This unit makes use of solid state circuitry technology which makes sure that it give its best performance.

This stabilizer as some brilliant features like instant start, Time delay & is also noise free.This model also help you with 40% power savings & comes with warranty of 5 years.

Best Stabilizer For Refrigerator in India 2019

5) Microtek Stabilizer 

This is one of the most famous & awarded brand which has launched its stabilizers in India based on save power technology with many unique features. which helps to give better performance with high reliability during frequent voltage fluctuations and power cuts which also helps in saving electricity.

This model has a operating voltage of around 130-295 volts.It has save power technology and based on intelli microchip design with silver caked relay.

Best Stabilizer For Refrigerator in India 2019

6) whirlpool Stabilizer

This model is specially designed for uninterrupted optimum voltage which has some smart features like over current protection, Time delay & high low voltage cut of  which comes with a replacement warranty of 1 year.

Best Stabilizer For Refrigerator in India 2019

7) Monitor stabilizer

This Company was established in the year 1981 famous for manufacturing voltage stabilizers with has both durability & quality.Monitor brand has been trusted by many people for protecting their refrigerator up-to 450 ltrs.

What makes Monitor different from others are that they use best quality copper winding and comes with features like high voltage cut-off protection and protects refrigerators from dangerous voltage fluctuations.

This unit also has in-built thermal overload protection which keeps your equipment safe from high temperature burnout.

The design of this stabilizer can enhance & match your home interior.

Best Stabilizer For Refrigerator in India 2019

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