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Top 14 Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

Looking for Best single door refrigerator in India 2019? The summer season is now at its peak. Everybody needs a cold glass of water to quench their thirst. Intense heat can spoil foods such as milk, curds, vegetables, etc therefore buying a refrigerator becomes very important.

It's the main reason why during these months you see a spurt in purchasing fridges. Market become occupied with a full range of refrigerators.

Choosing the right one to suit your needs and, most importantly, it's hard to plan.

In our previous post we talked about best triple door refrigerator in India.In this article we present the list of some of India's best single-door refrigerators as well as an easy buying guide to help clear your Doubts.

Advantages & Disadvantages of single door refrigerators


The most commonly sold refrigerators are single-door refrigerators. During our youth, most of us used our fist fridge as a single-door refrigerator. Let's see the benefits of a refrigerator with a single door.

1) The most energy-efficient refrigerators are single-door refrigerators. They consume much less power than double door refrigerators, about 30 to 40 percent less power.

2) Comes in a compact size of 50 to 250 liters and perfect for a 2-3 members small family.

3) Most economical are single-door refrigerators. Single door fridge best brands are LG, whirlpool, Samsung. You can get them less than Rs 20,000.

4) Single door refrigerators consume very little floor space and volume due to low capacity 

5) Works based on the most energy-efficient direct cool technology.


Even the moon has few blind spots, so why can't single door refrigerators have one? If you have opted to buy a single door refrigerator, you should note down below things. 

1) Smaller capacity for refrigerator. At a maximum volume of 250 liters. And what you can store in  them is restricted to a capacity of 250 liters.

2) includes only direct cool technology. In a single door fridge, you can't get free frost advantages. You have to manually defrost the ice.

3) Due to space constraints, not ideal for large family. It's good for small families.

4) The everyday needs of 4-5 family members can not fit into a single-door     refrigerator of 250 litres.

5) As the name suggests in the single door refrigerator, there is only one door.To open a refrigerator, the fridge main door must be opened first and then the freezer door.

6) As we mentioned above to open a refrigerator, it is necessary to open the fridge's main door first. The temperature of the entire refrigerator increases. It's a lot of energy waste.

7) Due to space limitations, the freezer compartment is usually smaller.

8) Due to small size of the shelves it is difficult to accommodate larger containers or water bottles.

9) You end up in a congested way of storing all the food items & vegetables.

Now that we have seen the advantages and disadvantages of owning a single door refrigerator Let's go through some of India's most exciting and best single door refrigerator models today.

1) Whirlpool single door (190 ltr 3-star)

In this age of nuclear families with no more than 3 to 4 members, you don't need big refrigerators. Small families, however, have their specific needs.

A 190-liter fridge should be adequate. Whirlpool is a favorite brand with an impressive range of single-door refrigerators from small to large.  The reciprocating compressor helps keep the food fresh for a long time to maintain a consistent temperature. Lets have a Look at this refrigerator's salient features.

1) Special Ice zone
2) Proper Milk Tray arrangement
3) Removable gaskets
4) Enough Capacity
5) In-built stabilizer

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

2) Whirlpool single door ( 190 litre)

With this fridge, you can stock your food  for the whole week. There's no need to think about how many fruits and vegetables you're keeping in this refrigerator.

Most importantly, this refrigerator comes with an integrated stabilizer that allows it to function well even when the fluctuation is high. This refrigerator's exciting features will draw you to buy it without hesitating for a moment.


1) Awesome Storage Capacity
2) Big Vegetable crisper
3) Additional vegetable shelves
4) In-built stabilizer
5) Anti-bacterial gasket
6) Door Lock

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

3) LG Single Door (190 ltr 4-star)

LG is a well-known Indian brand with excellent after-sales service. The thing that differentiates LG from other brands is high-quality products and service. This refrigerator story is similar as well. 

This LG refrigerator has a beautiful printed floral design and is well built. The front door has a reflective finish which gives this fridge a premium look. The quality of built is the best you'd find in this area. The refrigerator provides excellent cooling, as well as being very efficient. The 4-star LG fridge can consume only 164 units of energy in one year, which means less than 0.5 units per day. 

The refrigerator has a Smart Inverter Compressor that gives you a quality that is quiet and energy efficient. Due to its low power consumption, even during power cuts, you can attach to your refrigerator to the inverter and enjoy cool water and food. 

On the bottom is the Moist Balance Crisper for vegetables and fruits. Through evaporating and condensing the moisture from the food in the container, the lattice-type box covers retain the optimum level of humidity.


1) Smart connect feature
2) Smart Inverter Compressor
3) In-built stabilizer
4) Energy Efficient feature
5) Toughened glass shelves
6) Moist Balance Crisper
7) Anti-bacterial gasket
8) Additional Storage
9) SOlar Smart Refrigerator

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

4) Samsung single door (192 ltr)

Samsung is one of the best manufacturer of refrigerators offering the best quality and performance. It is a refrigerator for single doors of 192 L and is ideal for families of 2-3 members. It has a beautiful drowning door model that you would surely love and compliment your kitchen's interior. Another great thing about this refrigerator from Samsung is that it comes with an integrated stabilizer. This refrigerator's compressor has 10 years of warranty which makes it a good buy for the people of budget less than 10,000.


1) In-built stabilizer
2) Heavy duty shelves
3) Elegant looks
4) Sufficient storage space

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

5) Haier single door ( 181 ltr)

This is a fine Haier fridge and it comes at an affordable price. It is priced around Rs.10000, providing a respectable 181L capacity suitable for a 2-3-member family. The refrigerator is well built and offers good refrigeration.

In the inner edge of the refrigerator, the fridge features diamond designs to make sure the ice doesn't melt easily so you can use the cooling during power cuts. When you experience frequent power losses, this can be very helpful. Anti Fungal Gasket, Toughened Glass Shelves, and Child Lock are its other features.

This comes with an integrated stabilizer that is a major plus point because you won't have to spend extra on buying a stabilizer. The 3-star score would consume nearly 210 units of electricity in a year. Overall, in the single door category, This model is one of the best single door refrigerator in india under the 10000 segment.


1) Diamond edged technology
2) In-Built Stabilizer
3) Child Lock
4) Eco-Friendly
5) Anti-Bacterial Gasket

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

6) Haier Single Door ( 195 ltr)

The Haier 195 liter 4-star refrigerator is perfect for small families and saves significant energy. The stabilizer-free system and the product's 1-year guarantee make it an attractive bid. Let's look at this refrigerator's best features.

1) 1 hr Icing technology
2) In-Built Stabilizer
3) Energy saving
4) Sturdy Shelves
5) Anti Fungal Gasket
6) Smooth Finish
7) Ample Storage
6) Bottle Guard
7) Child Lock
8) Huge Freezer

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

7) Godrej Single door ( 195 ltr)

Godrej is a reputable brand when it comes to consumer durables. The strength of 185 liters makes it perfect for small families. The software of Direct Cool makes sure you save a lot of power. Some of this refrigerator's exciting features are as follows.

1) In-built Music system
2) Very Eco Friendly
3) Sufficient space
4) In-Built Stablizer

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

8) Samsung Single door (192 ltr)

This is Samsung's stunning refrigerator as well as one of the latest models and if we go through its looks and features, we think this year it will be the best seller.

Samsung is a world-renowned brand and also one of India's best brands. This Samsung refrigerator has a beautiful printed model that looks great in your kitchen, build quality is reasonable, and it also includes a stabilizer.

This model comes with a capacity of 192 ltr which is suitable for small families. There is an integrated stabilizer so there is no need to spend extra money to purchase a stabilizer. You get 1 year full warranty on the compressor and 10 years on the product. Samsung has one of the best after-sales service networks, so you don't have to think about it. 

These positive features make it one of India's best single door refrigerator in India 2019 under Rs 15000, as well as our favorite.


1) Island type handle
2)  Toughened glass shelves
3) Digital Inverter
4) Stabilizer free
5) Child lock

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

9) Haier Single Door (220 ltr)

Haier in refrigerators is becoming a decent brand. They've launched a lot of options in all areas. It's a refrigerator with a single door. It has a classic lighting system, adjustable feet, chiller compartments and vegetable crispers. It also has chiller space and egg tray features. It's designed to fit your new kitchen with the grace.

This Haier 220L refrigerator comes with a great model and decent refrigeration. It 4 stars and will only consume 168 electricity units in a year that is outstanding energy efficiency.

The refrigerator has 1 hour ice feature due to the longer condenser coils and heavy duty PUF insulation due to which the cooling remains covered, clean and intact. That's why the freezer can produce ice in an hour or so.

To secure the refrigerator from voltage fluctuations, the refrigerator comes with an integrated stabilizer. This ranges from 135-290 volts, so you don't need to worry about it.

Decent design and structure, strong capacity and reliability and high power efficiency make this refrigerator a compelling choice in the price range below 15000.


1) Toughened glass shelves
2) Energy Efficient
3) Anti-Bacterial gasket
4) Child Lock

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

10) LG Single door ( 235 ltr)

This is the 2019 LG refrigerator series fridge. It is a direct cool refrigerator with one door and comes with a 235L size. The capacity is suitable for a 3-member family. The refrigerator provides excellent refrigeration and has the latest features.

It has a smart inverter compressor designed to deliver unrivaled performance, great energy savings, super-silent and free operation stabilizer. The refrigerator can manage changes in voltage on its own and you don't have to use an external stabilizer. The refrigerator can also be connected to your home inverter and because of its low power requirement it will operate without any problem.

It is a 5-star cooler and will consume fewer than 150 units of energy in a year, which ensures you get excellent power efficiency and electricity bill savings. 

This LG refrigerator comes with a Moist' n' Fresh case that is a special container-type lattice cover which holds moisture at an optimal level. This helps keep fruits and vegetables healthy for a longer period of time. At the bottom of the refrigerator, there is also a base stand box where you can store onions and potatoes. 

This refrigerator is ideal for those looking for best single door fridge in India under 20000 Rs. The fridge comes with 1-year comprehensive warranty and 10-year warranty on the compressor.


1) Excellent cooling
2) Solid built
3) Power efficiency of 5 star
4) Inverter compressor
5) Best After sales service

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

11) Whirlpool single door (200 ltr)

Many single refrigerators under Rs 15000 are 185L or 190L in volume, but this one is 200 ltr capacity. This is one of the refrigerators from the new 2019 refrigerator collection from Whirlpool. The refrigerator looks beautiful. The color and printing at the front door is one of the best you'll find in this price range refrigerators. It can be found in different shades of maroon and blue. Product quality is top notch and the refrigerator looks luxurious.

Let's discuss the features. The cooling is good and it has an integrated stabilizer so you don't have to worry about fluctuating voltage. It has Plasma Inverter Technology which begins operations at only 80V. The ice-making feature of the refrigerator is very fast. In combination with the powerful compressor, the Laminar Air Flow and Insulated Capillary Technology makes ice fast, so you're never short of ice for those spontaneous house parties.

Together with the Insulated Capillary Technology, the 6th SENSE PowerCool Technology maintains the cooling for up to 12 hours, so your food and drinks stay cool even during power cuts.

The vegetable box is at the bottom, maintaining adequate levels of moisture to keep food fresh. There's a medicine box on the fridge door side as well. All of these features, great performance, and beautiful design make it one of India's best under 15000 segment refrigerator.

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

12) LG Single Door ( 215 ltr)

LG is one of India's best brands and our favorite because of its excellent quality and excellent after-sales service. Compared to other brands, LG products are usually slightly overpriced, but this refrigerator is not overpriced at all. It is a result of LG's value for money. You get a good capacity of 215L at around Rs. 15000. The refrigerator front design looks elegant and luxurious. It's rated 5 stars so you're getting great power efficiency. Every year, the refrigerator will consume about 170 units of electricity.

The refrigerator comes with a simple ice feature and in less than 2 hours it will deliver ice. It also has a special box-type lattice cover that guarantees the optimal amount of moisture inside your refrigerator, so that the food and vegetables stored remain moist and fresh for a longer period of time.

It also comes with an internal stabilizer. LG offers the compressor a 10-year warranty that's great. Overall, in the price range of around 15000 to 17000, it is one of the best refrigerators.

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

13) Samsung Single door (212 ltr)

Samsung is one of the well-known electronic equipment brands. This Samsung refrigerator is a single door refrigerator with a capacity of 212 liters which makes it suitable for a 3-member family. It has good build quality, is spacious and has one of the best designs in your home or office space that would add elegance to your kitchen.

This refrigerator is a 3-star refrigerator and is fitted with an integrated stabilizer. It consumes less electricity than the normal compressor with Digital Inverter Compressor and Direct Cool Technology.

It comes with a 1-year warranty on the fridge and 10-year warranty on the compressor that adds peace to the buyer's mind as they are secured for 10 years. 

Overall, Samsung's a really great refrigerator. If you are searching for a 200-220 L refrigerator at a cost of around Rs. 15000 to 16000, go for it.

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

14) Whirlpool Single door ( 185 ltr)

This is a beautiful looking Whirlpool refrigerator that is one of the Refrigerators segment's best brands. The floral design on this fridge will make your kitchen more beautiful and eye-catching. This is one of Whirpool's latest models and was launched in the summer season of 2018.

You get a good capacity of 185L at a cost of about Rs. 10000. The front door's floral design looks amazing. The fridge is very sturdy and provides good refrigeration. There is an inbuilt stabilizer to keep you from spending additional money on a stabilizer. It has tough glass shelves that allow you to easily store big, heavy utensils. Freezer and ice trays are placed in the top section and at the bottom is the veggie box which regulates the amount of moisture to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh for a long time.

Go for it if you're looking for a fridge under 10000 to 12000 for a single door whirlpool brand. This refrigerator is available in a colors of Wine / Maroon that looks really nice with a floral print on it.

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2019

Final Words

So this was our list of India's best single door refrigerator in India 2019. We hope it's been helpful and you've found the right fridge for your home or office. 
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